Apple iMac 21.5in and 27 inch models

All four iMac models are in stock at Connecting Point.

Since their introduction last fall, Apple’s stunning, ultra-slim iMac family has been in extremely short supply. Right now, if you wanted to order a 21.5-inch iMac from the Apple’s online store, you’d see this:

21.5-inch iMac availability from Apple Store

Even worse, if you wanted a sleek new 27-inch iMac, here’s how long you’d have to wait:

27-inch iMac availability from Apple Store

Miraculously, if you came into either of Connecting Point’s store locations for one of the new iMacs, you’d walk out the door with one right now. As in, immediately.

We’ve got plentiful stock of all four main models, ready for a good home. (Or office.) The product is identical, the price is the same. And the service and support you get from Connecting Point is not only excellent, it’s also free…and for life. So give in to that very human need for instant gratification: Get a new iMac, instantly, from your local Apple Specialist, Connecting Point Computer Centers.

UPDATE 02.20.13 | 12:30 PM: Well, that happened fast. Our Bend store now has only the $1299.99 model 21.5-inch iMac and the $1799.99 27-inch iMac in stock. We are expecting shipments of the other two models to be arriving shortly.

UPDATE 03.03.13 | 12:55 PM: Looks like Apple’s online store is finally catching up with iMac demand. Both sizes appear to be shipping within one to three days. But if we may again point out the obvious: the price is the same, the tech support is for life – and you can have it right here, right now by getting your new iMac from the friendly folks at Connecting Point.

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