Maxell AA Alkaline Batteries - 4-PackYou don’t want to be “that guy.”

You know, the one who doesn’t have AA alkaline batteries handy when they’re needed. Imagine the crumpled foreheads of your frowning children when you have to tell them they can’t continue playing with that thing that uses AA batteries, because the batteries are spent – and you don’t have fresh ones. Or the deep consternation of your spouse, when the flashlight flickers out just as you both hear a really weird noise downstairs. Or you’re typing up a new post for your business’ website, talking about a great new deal, and your Bluetooth keyboard suddenly di

In short, batteries are important. And AA alkaline batteries are nigh on indispensable. So don’t get caught shorthanded, especially now that you can pick some up for less than a quarter apiece.

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