"Helping Hands" Magnifier/Workstation with LED Lights for $5.99Our Service Technicians have been eyeballing this week’s DOTW with a peculiar glint in their eyes. We suggest you move swiftly, before they find a way to “appropriate” these babies.

So what is this thing, exactly? Well, it’s a compact workstation, with a big 2X magnifying lens you can position directly over your work. The lens has a couple of bright white LED lights* in it, to fully illuminate whatever you might be working on. You’ve got fully adjustable arms, with alligator clips on the ends, to securely hold everything in place. It’s a great tool for solder work, for fly tying, for sewing, for computer repair, for crafting, for any kind of task where precise, close-up, well-lit access is required. Normally retailing for 20 bucks, this week only we’re letting it go for a mere $5.99.

Find out all about our latest Deal of the Week here.

*Requires two AAA batteries, sold separately.


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