Combination Binoculars / Digital camera-camcorder for $13.99Here’s the scenario: Using a pair of binoculars, you’re observing a bird at the feeder, and it’s a beauty. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could simply push a button and get a photo? Or maybe you’re at a sporting event, watching from the cheap seats through those very same binoculars. Suddenly, the play of a lifetime begins to unfold. What if you could instantly begin recording it to video?

With this week’s DOTW, these aren’t the mad ravings of a delusional copy writer, or the pipe dream of a science fiction author. The future is now, right here, at Connecting Point. O brave new world, that has such gadgets in it!

This combination binocular / digital camera / PC camera / video camera normally retails for 50 bucks. But this week, while supplies last, you can grab them for a laughable $13.99. Read more here.

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