Deal of the Week | June 28, 2013: 2-in-1 LED Flashlight/Laser Pointer for $2.99

2-in-1 LED Flashlight/Laser Pointer for $2.99 (reg. $10.99)If you were a superhero, you’d have one of this week’s DOTW’s in your utility belt.

It’s a laser, it’s an LED flashlight, it has a magnet, it can see around corners. It’s a bit of a miniature superhero, all on its own. And unlike those big franchise superheroes dominating your local multiplex, this one comes cheap. Way cheap. Under three dollars cheap.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, crafter, sportsperson, technician, DIYer – or yes, a pet owner (laser pointer, y’all!) – this is an indispensable addition to your utility belt..

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Deal of the Week | June 21, 2013: Flexible-Neck Five-LED USB Computer Light for $9.99

Flexible-Neck Five-LED USB Computer Light for $9.99No need to keep you in the dark any longer.

This week’s DOTW is one bright idea. Actually, it’s more like five bright ideas, if LEDs represent ideas, and if we can agree that they do, indeed, shine brightly. This innovative illumination gadget puts light right where you need it – on your computer keyboard – without worrying about batteries, outlets, fixtures, bulbs, extension cords, and such. Plus its eight-inch flexible stalk means you can precisely aim the light, using nothing more than two fingers.

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Deal of the Week | June 14, 2013: iPhone Tool Kit with Pentalobe Driver for $4.99

iPhone Tool Kit with Pentalobe Driver for $4.99The right tool for the job.

There really is no substitute. When you attempt to open or repair a smartphone or other device, and you don’t have the right tools, you are courting disaster. This week’s DOTW addresses the thorny issue of cracking open an iPhone, smartphone, or other tiny electronic devices. Six tools for five bucks – a small price to pay to avoid endless aggravation!

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The shape of things to come… “later this year:” The all-new Apple Mac Pro.

The all-new Apple Mac Pro, coming later this year.On Monday morning, during the keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple delivered a sneak peek into the future of the pro desktop: The all-new Mac Pro. 

LOGO WWDC 2013 125x119Designed around a revolutionary unified thermal core, the all-new Mac Pro introduces a completely new pro desktop architecture and design that is optimized for performance inside and out. With next-generation Xeon processors, dual workstation-class GPUs, Thunderbolt 2, PCIe-based flash storage, and ultra-fast ECC memory, the new 9.9-inch tall Mac Pro packs an amazing amount of power into an incredibly small package.

The all-new Mac Pro is coming later this year. For more details, visit Apple’s stunning preview page.

New MacBook Air: All-day battery life, latest Intel Core processors, faster flash, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Apple MacBook Air 11- and 13-inch models, side-by-sideAnnounced Monday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and shipping immediately, the new MacBook Air lineup features all-day battery life, fourth-generation Intel Core processors, next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and faster (and bigger) flash storage. Connecting Point expects to have the new MacBook Air notebooks in stock by next week.

Find out more about MacBook Air, and the entire MacBook line, here.

VIDEO: Watch this morning’s Apple WWDC keynote in its entirety

Apple WWDC 2013 keynote presentationIn case you missed it…

This morning, at the keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple made a few announcements. OK, more than a few. There’s a lot of good stuff here: OS X Mavericks, iOS 7, new MacBook Airs, a sneak peek at the jaw-dropping new Mac Pro… and more.

Click here to watch the entire presentation.

Deal of the Week | June 7, 2013: Car Lighter Splitter/USB Car Charger for $9.99

3-way Car Lighter Splitter and 2-port USB Car Charger for $9.99Wouldn’t it be great to never again have to fret over available charging/powering ports in your car?

With this week’s DOTW, that wish is granted. Bigtime.

You get two devices for the price of…well, a half a device? Anyway, this is a great deal: Ten bucks gets you two handy doohickeys for your car, your RV, your boat, your G6. Plenty of 12V “car lighter” ports, and plenty of USB charging ports. Your dashboard’s going to look like Ernestine’s switchboard. (Those of you under 50, Google it. We’ll wait.)

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