Compact nine-LED red pocket flashlight for $4.99Since around June 21st, the days have been growing shorter again.

Sad but true: It’s getting darker sooner, each and every day. And you really don’t want to be caught out in that darkness, unprepared. It’s a jungle out there. Here in Oregon, we really do have lions and bears (and tigers, too, if only in prehistory).

That’s where this week’s DOTW comes in: A sturdy, compact, surprisingly bright LED flashlight for under five bucks. When a threat comes charging at you, you need to see it coming.

Keep one by the breaker box, one in the glove box, one in the junk drawer, another behind the computer desk (for those times you need to plug/unplug something), and yet another in your Gulfstream’s liquor cabinet – and you still haven’t spent $25.

Get the full rundown on this week’s special offer right here.

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