Mini 3-in-1 charger for iPod and iPhone for $7.99DOTW is back after a week’s “vacation,” with a blast from the past. Yes, we’ve offered this item before, but we’re bringing it back – by popular demand. (We’re all about satisfying the popular demand.)

If you and your family (or roommates, co-workers, dorm buddies) use iOS devices like the iPhone or iPod, you know you can never have enough ways to keep them charged. That one little cube that came with the device just ain’t cutting it. To that end, we offer this three-piece solution, at an amazingly affordable price.

You get a wall outlet charger, a 12-volt car/boat/RV charger, and a one-meter USB to 30-pin connector cable. At this price,  you can pick up several, sprinkle them about your home and vehicles – and never get caught with a dead battery again!

More details on this week’s Deal may be found here.

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