Assorted Mimobot BLOTz whisical 2GB USB flash drives for $4.99 eachOK, this week’s DOTW is a tad…odd.

Just a tad. We’re admitting that, right up front.

We’re embracing our inner whimsy here, offering up an unusual collection of character-driven USB flash drives (now there’s a sentence you don’t read every day). There are 15 different versions – you can’t tell which one is in the box until you open it. Described by their creators – the possibly-off-their-meds folks at Wish Come True – like this (we have purposely avoided editing a single word, punctuation mark, or trademark symbol):

Wish Come True BLOTz™ is a premiere collection of MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives presented in a blind assortment! Each individual box contains 1 of 15 brilliant drives, from the world of Wish Come True designed by our super-crack Artist Series collaborators, FriendsWithYou™ of sunny Miami, Florida. Unbox 2GB of friendly flash memory and store your data in style with MIMOBOT BLOTz!

Mimobot BLOTz USB flash drive detailSo if you’re looking to brighten up your desk or jump bag with a splash of colorful insanity, have we got a USB flash drive for you! Best of all, they’re only $4.99 each – a great deal, since they normally sell for $19.99. If you’re a completist, you’ll want to collect all 15.

Learn more about this week’s deal here. And in closing, we’d like to leave you with this (utterly, completely bonkers) video:

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