Portable rechargeable flashing LED mini-cube speaker/jukebox/clock/FM tuner for $12.99 (reg. $29.99)The first thing you notice is its weight. Even though it’s just a two-inch cube, it has a real heft to it. It feels solidly built. Reliable.

Then you start reading over the list of things the tiny cube does: Portable rechargeable speaker. MP3 jukebox. Clock. FM radio. LED flashing disco duck.

Think of all the devices that would love to begin a new life with this guy: Your smartphone. Your iPad or iPod. Your netbook or portable gaming device or portable DVD player or… well, you get the idea.

Come check it out. But don’t put it off too long – because this week, we’re selling them for just $12.99 – 17 dollars off the regular price. Find out more here.

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