VIBE Juicys Comfort Earbuds in six colors for 99 cents eachWhite earbuds are so 2000 and late.

Now (finally!) you can accessorize your earbuds to fit any occasion, any ensemble, any locale. Because VIBE Juicys comes in six delicious “flavors”: Blackberry, Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Coconut, Blueberry, and Green Apple. And at a buck apiece, you’d be hard-pressed to find cheaper chic.

Seriously, even if fashion isn’t your bag, these are worth a squinty look. They sound great, they feel comfortable, they work with all your favorite devices, and… well, they’re a buck. Keep a pair at home, another by the pool, another in the car, the boat, the RV, the hang glider. And you can color-code them, so you know exactly which set goes where. Organization!

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