"Helping Hands" Magnifier/Workstation with LED Lights for $5.99Threading a needle. Putting the finishing touches on a trout fly. Soldering an “oh my gosh that’s tiny” part.

Tasks like these require precision, a sharp eye, and a steady hand. But if you’re like us and have none of these things, the next best thing is this handy little stand.

It’s fully adjustable, brightly lit, steady as a rock, and magnifies like there’s no tomorrow. This week’s DOTW is what we like to term a “sleeper”: You don’t realize how much you need it until you actually have one.

Save your eyes, your patience, and your pennies: Pick up the “Helping Hands” Magnifier Workstation, and start getting stuff done. For only $5.99, it is more than worth it.

More about this week’s special offer can be found here.

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