Remote controlled switched sockets for $12.99Getting up from a comfortable seat, moving to a location, and manually flicking a switch? Man, that is so 20th century.

We live in an age of remotes, of wireless magic, of click-here-and-it-gets-done-there wizardry. What if you could randomly pick a couple of lamps or appliances or tools to set up as remotely-activated devices? What if doing so was not only dead simple, but ridiculously affordable?

Think of the possibilities: Early morning, your alarm clock comes on. You slap it off, as usual – except now, because you went to Connecting Point this week, you can also slap on  the coffeemaker – without getting out of bed. By the time you stagger downstairs to the kitchen, steaming hot java awaits.

Paradise. Better still, paradise for less than 13 bucks.

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