Deal of the Week | Jan. 31, 2014: 104-Key Multimedia Large-Print USB Keyboard for $9.99

104-Key Large-Print Multimedia USB Keyboard for $9.99Most large-print keyboards look like something bolted down under a sneeze guard in a kindergarten classroom.

Garish, ugly, misbegotten creations, devoid of spark, of style, of flair.

It’s plain from the photo at left that such is not the case with this keyboard. Clean design, slimline enclosure, adjustable feet, appealing black and silver motif. You almost forget for a moment just how easy it is to see those keys. Almost.

And functional? Let’s talk functional: This keyboard sports 15 dedicated hot keys, specifically designed to make your life easier. Navigate back or forward a page in your browser. Control the volume. Go straight to your default home page. All with a single, mouse-free keystroke.

And this week, we’re cutting the price of this already very affordable keyboard in half. Normally selling for $20, the DOTW price is an astonishing $9.99.

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Deal of the Week | Jan. 24, 2014: Black 8-pin Lightning to USB cable for $2.99

Black Lightning 8-pin to USB cable for $2.99Sometimes, it all comes down to the simplest thing.

You’re frustrated because you keep forgetting or misplacing that Lightning cable that came with your iPhone (or iPad, iPod touch – whatever). And when you’re frustrated, you’re not being all that you can be. When you’re not being all that you can be, you’re not living up to your fullest potential.

Frustration can be so darned…frustrating.

Enter the aforementioned ‘simplest thing’: Another 8-pin Lightning cable to supplement the original. Like warm waves on a tropical beach, relief washes over you, lifts you up, bathes you in soothing vibes, in rippling concentric circles of improved productivity.

And making this ‘simplest thing’ all the more simple, we’re letting it go for less than three bucks. That’s the healing power of the Deal of the Week.

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Deal of the Week | Jan. 17, 2014: 3-in-1 USB to 8-pin Lightning/Micro USB/Apple 30-pin Cable for $3.99

3-in-1 USB 2.0 Cable for $3.99It’s the Swiss Army Knife, but of cables!

(“Swiss Army Cable”? That doesn’t sound quite right…)

Imagine having at your disposal a single, compact cable that connects to almost every USB device you can throw at it. This ingenious three-in-one USB cable accommodates Apple’s latest 8-pin Lightning connector, the industry-standard Micro USB connector used by many digital devices and smartphones (including most Samsung Galaxy models), and that trusty old standby, the Apple 30-pin connector (older iPods, iPhones, and iPads). Its unique, Hydra-headed design saves you space.

And our less-than-four-bucks price saves you $$$.

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Deal of the Week | Jan. 10, 2014: Mini Car/Home Charger & Cable for iPhone/iPod for $7.99

Mini 3-in-1 Charger for iPhone 3 and 4 models for $5.99When it comes to iPhones and iPods, they never seem to pick the most convenient time for their batteries to run out.

And if you don’t have a charger or computer nearby to plug them into, all you can do is watch helplessly as the battery life indicator drifts down past 20%, down past 10% – only to finally plunge into inky, silent darkness.

The takeaway here: You can never be too prepared. You can never have too many chargers. Especially if you can get one for both home and car for under eight bucks. Which is exactly what you can do with this week’s DOTW.

You get a 12-volt charger, suitable for car, boat, and Gulfstream. You also get the ubiquitous cube-shaped AC charger, a dead ringer for the one that came with your device. And as a bonus, you get an old-school 30-pin to USB cable, like they used to use way back in 2011. Just sub in your own cable or an adapter and you’re completely up-to-date.

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Deal of the Week | Jan. 3, 2014: 10-in-1 USB Card Reader for $5.99

10-in-1 Portable USB 2.0 Card Reader for $5.99More and more devices are using memory cards.

Rugged outdoor HD video cameras, digital SLR cameras, gaming devices. Unfortunately, there is no real consensus on which type of card is best. As a result, we have a myriad of competing standards.

Fortunately, compatibility with nearly every flavor of memory card is within reach – and for less than six bucks.

This portable USB card reader works with Mac, Windows, and even Linux. It reads 10 major memory card formats. It plugs into the USB port of your notebook or desktop. It even has an internal compartment to stow up to nine memory cards – making it a perfect companion for amateur and pro photographers and videographers alike.

It has never been so easy and inexpensive to improve your memory (access). Find out more about this week’s DOTW by clicking on the bold blue text here.