Compact Mobile USB Charger for $4.99Keeping devices fully charged on the go: It can be challenging.

But with this week’s featured gadget, as long as you have a 12V “lighter” socket available, you can keep that battery indicator pegged at 100%. Clean, simple, and compact, this mobile USB charger gets the job done, and done well – for less than five bucks.

Which means you can afford to keep one in each car, in the RV, in the boat, the corporate jet, the private ‘copter, or ‘off the grid’ in that solar-powered survivalist cabin nobody knows about. (Until now.)

Normally, we sell these for $19.99. For one-quarter that price, you can give this USB charger a good home – for the next week, anyway, and as long as our supply lasts.

So don’t miss out. Head on down and pick up one or more of these handy doodads. To find out more about our Deal of the Week, click here.

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