Compact USB AC Adapter for $4.99If you have a device that charges through a USB connection, you no doubt already have an AC charger for it.

But it might be nice to have a backup. One you can leave in the garage, or at the office, or in your totally-not-scary cabin in the woods. This week’s DOTW fits the bill nicely: Sturdy, compact, with a nifty collapsible AC plug that folds into the charger’s body.

Also, it comes in a Zune box. So, you know, nostalgia.

But its external packaging in no way affects the performance of the device within. This charger is world-ready, able to adapt on the fly to voltages from 100 to 240, and cycles from 47 to 63 Hertz. And it pumps out a respectable 5 volts / 1 ampere of juice.

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