2-Port-USB-Car-Charger-3-colors-640x600Sleek. Fast. Beautiful glossy finish. And available in your choice of vibrant colors.

We talking sports cars? Nope. We’re talking this week’s Deal: a two-port USB car charger, in your choice of red, black, or white, at a laughably low price ($1.99).

So while these chargers would look right at home in the toniest of luxury vehicles, they’re priced somewhere south of Yugo territory. And not only does it come with two USB ports, but each of them serves a specific need. There’s a one-amp port, for smaller devices requiring more delicately administered juice. And there’s a port pumping out 2.1 amps, for larger devices and/or faster charge times.

These normally sell for five bucks, which is already pretty reasonable. But $1.99? That’s bound to drive the competition…crazy. Find out all about our latest and greatest Deal of the Week.


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