VIBE Juicys Comfort Earbuds in six colors for 99 cents eachSo many audio jacks, competing for such a limited pool of earbuds.

Your phone. Your laptop. Your MP3 player. Your tablet. Your Wi-Fi washer/dryer (OK, maybe not).

Point is, a lot of gadgets support a set of earbuds. And many of them didn’t come with any. Or you’ve misplaced them. Or accidentally run them through your Wi-Fi washer/dryer.

What if you could lay claim to a bottomless pool of said earbuds? So many, you would never be lacking. So many, they were forever at your beck and call. Sounds great, but prohibitively expensive, right?

Not necessarily. Because effective immediately, you can stock up on earbuds. Great-sounding earbuds, in your choice of six tasty colors. And you can do it for less than a buck apiece. Because this is Connecting Point’s Deal of the Week—and we don’t mess around here.

Learn all about this week’s cool Deal right here.

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