Teaser for Black Friday 2014 at Connecting PointWe’re getting LOTS of calls at both our Bend and Medford stores, asking what we’ve got cooking for Black Friday. Unfortunately, you would need a Double Secret Probation Top Level One Security Clearance for us to tell you. We can say this: You’ll find all the details in the Thanksgiving Day editions of the Bend Bulletin and the Medford Mail Tribune. We’ll be posting it on our website, and on Facebook. And it’s going to be HOT.

But there will be additional promotions, in the form of contests, giveaways, special deals, and more that won’t be in the ads. In order to hear about them, you’ll need to keep your eyes on either the Connecting Point (Bend, OR) or the Connecting Point (Medford, OR) Facebook page (pick the one closest to you). We’ll also be posting the same info to our Twitter feed. Giveaways and special deals will require you to be present in person, but we promise to give you plenty (20-30 minutes) of advance warning before each one. Follow us…to save and WIN!

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