USB beverage warmer and four-part USB hub on sale for $14.99It’s late January, folks. Dead of winter.

A time of short days, long nights – and rapidly-cooling mugs. While we can’t do much about the first two things (other than advise “hang in there, Spring is coming!”), we can help keep your coffee, your tea, your yerba maté, or your covert bourbon piping hot.

This beverage warmer plugs into a standard USB port, and not only maintains your drink at optimum warmness, but also doubles as a handy little four-port USB hub.

Best of all, because it’s our first DOTW of the new year, we’re slashing its price. Like, a lot. Like, in half.

That’s right: Our USB Beverage Warmer/Four-Port Hub normally sells for $29.99, but you can grab one now for just $14.99.

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