Six-pack of Universal Stylus Pens for $9.99 (reg. $29.99)Heed the ancient warning: Do not use fingers on a touchscreen on Friday the 13th! Bad luck! Bad, bad luck.

(You’ve heard that one, right? Everyone’s heard that one. It’s well documented. Somewhere.)

To that end, we present this week’s Deal: A half-dozen colorful stylus pens, normally selling for 30 bucks, on sale for a superstitiously low $9.99. It even includes a couple of nifty lanyards, to keep that stylus within easy reach at all times.

And these are universal styli, compatible with virtually any touchscreen, be it on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android device, whatevs. They’ve got super-gentle rubber tips, so your screen surface stays glassy-smooth. And colors. These colors! You’ll be able to accessorize a stylus with any wardrobe choices you can come up with.

In short, these are cool. These are cheap. And these will likely go fast. So grab a different kind of six-pack for the weekend, before they’re gone, gone gone.

Find out more about this week’s Deal here.

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