Apple Music promo video: “Music needed a home…so we built it one.”

Have you had a chance to check out Apple Music yet? The service, which was rolled out June 30th, has enjoyed a mostly positive reception so far. But many people don’t realize it’s much more than a music streaming app. It’s also intended to function as a social hub, helping everyone find new music and new artists – and not necessarily the “big name” stuff.

As Apple describes on their YouTube channel:

Apple Music is a place where music is treated like the art it is, with a sense of respect and discovery. It’s also a place that accommodates and supports musicians, and provides an environment for artists and fans to engage. Stream millions of songs—and discover music you’ll love with handpicked playlists and recommendations from our experts. Listen to Beats 1, our 24/7 worldwide station broadcasting the best new music direct from Los Angeles, New York, and London that’s anchored by world-class DJ Zane Lowe. And Apple Music Connect gives you a direct line to your favorite artists; where they can share demos, remixes, lyrics, photos—really anything they wish—straight to you, the fan. We’re taking all the ways you love music, and bringing them together in one complete place; one complete thought around music.

So what do you think? If you’ve had a chance to try Apple Music, what are your initial impressions?

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