Cyber Clean Pop-Up Cup Automotive Cleaning CompoundNext time you’re sitting in your car, take a moment to look around.

Look closely. Very closely.

Chances are things are dirtier than you could have possibly imagined. Especially if you have kids. Or pets. Or play sports. Or, you know, live a life.

Hair, crumbs, makeup, dust, coffee stains – you name it. Most of us use our vehicles every day, so it’s only natural for debris to build up over time.

And that’s where this week’s DOTW comes in. Cyber Clean Pop-Up Cup Automotive Cleaning Compound is going to change everything. This blue glob gets all that grime and grit out of even the tightest spots and narrowest crevices. It smells good, works great, and won’t stain any of your car or boat’s surfaces. Swiss scientists have seen to that.

Best of all, as this week’s Deal, you pay just $1.99 for a cup of Cyber Clean Pop-Up Cup Automotive Cleaning Compound, which normally sells for $7.99. We’re making it easy to afford for every one of your vehicles.

Intrigued? Find out more here.


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