Connecting Point’s BIG MOVE 2017: On February 6th, you’ll find us at a great new location!

Connecting Point's new location - 1251 E. McAndrews Road, Medford OR

On Monday, February 6th, we’ll be throwing open the doors to a beautiful new location: 1251 E. McAndrews Road, Suite 114, Medford.

That’s in the McAndrews Marketplace plaza, where we share suites with other fine businesses and institutions like Wayback Burgers, Golf Etc., Cicily’s Pastaria & GrillUmpqua Bank, De & Co. Salon, the Armed Forces Career Center, David’s Bridal, See’s Candies, and Mucho Gusto Mexican Restaurant. If you’re coming via Biddle Road, the easiest way to get to us is through the Toys ‘R’ Us parking lot. (McAndrews Plaza is kind of behind/adjacent to it.)

PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed Sunday, February 5th to facilitate the BIG MOVE. We expect to be open on time (9am) Monday morning at our new location, but we ask for a little understanding if things are a bit…um, chaotic. One thing to be aware of: service repair turnaround times will likely increase, perhaps as long as nine business days. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience during this transitional period.

The address may change, but everything else – telephone numbers, email addresses, store hours, spectacular service and support – will remain the same. We invite you to come check out the new place. Any repairs you have in Connecting Point SERVICE will be automatically moved to the new location.

McAndrews Road is just a few blocks away from our current Stevens Street address. Here’s a map showing the new location, just a few short blocks from our current store on Stevens Street:

McAndrews Marketplace, E. McAndrews Road, Medford Oregon

4 Replies to “Connecting Point’s BIG MOVE 2017: On February 6th, you’ll find us at a great new location!”

  1. Why have you relocated? If you say that your new location is in the McAndrews Plaza right behind/adjacent to Toys R’ US and have to provide this detailed information then this isn’t better but worse. People want simplicity not complications. 😾

    1. Thanks for your question, Dennis. For 20 years, we dealt with virtually no one – even lifelong Medford residents – knowing where Stevens Street is. McAndrews Road, on the other hand , is one of Medford’s best known and most heavily traveled streets. The excessive detail in the directions is to simply help customers avoid some minor access issues when coming to us on McAndrews from the west (no cross-access to the plaza’s entrance from that direction, which means you end up turning on to Poplar and winding your way to us). The new space is much newer, airier, and pleasant. And our new neighbors are fantastic. We hope you’ll take the plunge and visit us at our new digs soon!

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