Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you sell Apple iPhone?

FAQ icon balloons 204x148No, not at this time. We are, however, authorized by Apple to perform service and repair on iPhone (as we are for all Apple products).

Do you carry Apple Watch?

Yes. And yes, we are also authorized for servicing Apple Watch.

Are all Apple repairs performed in-house?

No. Our contract with Apple forbids us from performing certain repairs in our service department. This is particularly true with devices like iPhone and Apple Watch – some repairs we can do; others we are simply not allowed to do. We should emphasize this is not our choice, but Apple’s. When a repair cannot be performed in-house, we send it to an Apple service center.

Does Connecting Point offer the same discounts for students and educators as Apple does?

No. The Apple Store for Education is available solely through Apple’s online site. However, Connecting Point offers a compelling alternative: our 50/50/50 Education Pricing Program. Qualifying college students and educators can save a bundle on a new Mac system.

Why can’t I get real-time product availability, or make purchases directly from your website?

In a perfect world, we’d have real-time information on all our merchandise and prices for both of our stores up on this site. It would also be terrific if folks could purchase products we carry directly from here. That’s been a dream of ours for years – it would be a huge benefit for our customers, especially those who live some distance away.

And here’s some great news: In May 2017, we launched our eStore. You can now shop for and purchase Apple products directly from our website or Facebook page, and have them shipped either to our store or directly to your address!

To check on general product availability – or for any other inquiry – we suggest calling our toll-free number (1.888.245.9861).

Do you sell any other computers besides Mac?

Yes. We are an authorized HP reseller and service provider. We also carry Windows laptops and desktops from America’s favorite brands, including Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and others.

Can we place orders over the phone, and pay with a credit card?

In most cases, yes – especially if we’ve dealt with you before. The potential for fraud is enormous (you wouldn’t believe the phone scams we’ve seen over the years!), so we’ll be exercising due diligence to verify phone orders. Also, for any Apple product, we must have made face-to-face contact with you at some point before we can accept orders by phone. (It’s a contractual thing.)

Do you accept Apple Store Gift Cards?

Sorry, no. We are unable to accept them at this time.

I just spilled liquid on my computer. What should I do next, and how can you help?

This is a common problem (unfortunately), one we’ve dealt with time and time again. We absolutely can help. But before you bring the soggy CPU in – in fact, before you do anything at all – please read our Liquid Spill Cleaning guidelines.

What about data recovery? Can you retrieve lost photos, files, or other documents from the crashed hard drive of my notebook or desktop computer?

Yes. No absolute guarantees we’ll recover everything you lost, of course, but we’re pretty darned good at this sort of thing. And we have a partnership with an incredible company that can recover files from just about any hard drive, no matter how trashed it may be.

Secure Digital (SD) memory card FAQ Connecting Point Medford OR

What about recovering photos from a digital memory card?

Yes, we can do that, too. Bring it in.

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