CLASS: Introduction to iPad (approx. 90 minutes)

‘Introduction to iPad’ gets you up to speed on your Apple iPad, quickly and affordably.

Introduction to iPad class Connecting Point Medford ORiPad is slim, lightweight, and remarkably powerful. Yet a lot of folks never fully exploit its many capabilities, and that’s where this introductory class, Introduction to iPad, comes in.

Find out how to sync your iPad with your computer, add and remove apps, transfer files, and manage your music, photo, and video collections. Class concludes with an informal Q & A session, so bring your iPad—and your questions!

Tuition for this class is $29.99, and we ask that you bring your fully-charged iPad – whichever iPad you own or will be using – with you.

We recently moved to our new location at 1251 E. McAndrews Road, and have now resumed offering this class on a monthly basis. The next session will be held Sunday, April 30th, from 1 to 2:30pm.

Reservations are required… call us or pre-register, to save your place.

Mike Davis class instructor Introduction to iPad Connecting Point Medford OR
“I’m a collector of Mac computers and memorabilia. I have dozens of Mac models in my collection.”
—“Meet your Macintosh” instructor Mike Davis

Meet Mike.

“Introduction to iPad” instructor Mike Davis and computers go back. As in, wayyyyy back. Mike learned to program BASIC in the early 1980’s. He’s been setting up, troubleshooting, and teaching Mac since 1994. He’s familiar with Mac operating systems in all their myriad versions, and does a lot of custom FileMaker Pro database configuration.

He’s also been the Mac instructor for the Senior ACES computer users group for over a decade.

When he’s not teaching, Mike has his hands full on his farm, replete with five ponds, fruit trees, and several large vegetable gardens.

Need great individual instruction? Contact Mike by phone at 541.826.2897, or email him at

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  1. Hi . My name is Terri Rey. My husband and I paid for your training classes IPad and Mac.We are still very interested and would like to train. Please contact us as soon as the classes are available. Thankyou Terri Rey.

    1. Good morning, Terri. We’re finally getting settled into our new location, and plan to resume our monthly classes this month. They will almost certainly be held on Saturday, April 29th. When we finalize the class dates and times, we’ll be sure to let you know.


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