CLASS: Meet your Macintosh (1 hour)

iMac with Retina display : 21.5- and 27-inch versionsA Mac can do a lot. Yet many people barely scratch its surface. That’s where this introductory class comes in.

Meet your Macintosh is designed to help you get the most out of your new Mac. You’ll take a look at its operating system, Mac OS X. You’ll see how to find your way around the computer’s drives, plugs, and ports. You’ll learn how to send and receive email (and to filter that dreaded spam). You’ll be introduced to the wealth of programs that come bundled with every Mac, including the insanely great iLife digital lifestyle suite. And you’ll discover how easy it is to load, organize, and edit your digital photo collection.

Few computer resellers offer a class like this. When they do, it might cost between $50 and $150. But because you are a valued Connecting Point customer, it’s $19.99 ($99.99 for non-customers). Just our way of saying “thanks!”

Classes are typically held the last Saturday of each month, with allowances being made for major holidays, from 10 to about 11:15 am. Since we recently moved to our new location at 1251 E. McAndrews Road, we’ve temporarily suspended this month class until we can catch our breath and set up a new training space.

This $99.99 class is a very reasonable $19.99 for anyone who purchases a new Mac from Connecting Point. Reservations are required… call us or pre-register, to save your place.

Connecting Point class instructor Mike Davis
“I’m a collector of Mac computers and memorabilia. I have dozens of Mac models in my collection.”
—“Meet your Macintosh” instructor Mike Davis

Meet Mike.

“Meet your Macintosh” instructor Mike Davis and computers go back. As in, wayyyyy back. Mike learned to program BASIC in the early 1980’s. He’s been setting up, troubleshooting, and teaching Mac since 1994. He’s familiar with Mac operating systems in all their myriad versions, and does a lot of custom FileMaker Pro database configuration.

He’s also been the Mac instructor for the Senior ACES computer users group for over a decade.

When he’s not teaching, Mike has his hands full on his farm, replete with five ponds, fruit trees, and several large vegetable gardens.

Need great individual instruction? Contact Mike by phone at 541.826.2897, or email him at

4 Replies to “CLASS: Meet your Macintosh (1 hour)”

  1. What time Jan. 26 is your Mac class ? After purchasing a new Mac book pro, I paid to attend the first week of Jan.
    Thank you,, Claudia Beausoleil

    1. The class starts at 10 am, and runs about an hour, followed by a Q & A session with the instructor. Should we reserve a seat for the January class for you, Ms. Beausoleil? Thanks.

  2. Yes,,,,Please reserve a seat for the Jan 26 Saturday Mac class, for me. I already paid earlier this month.
    Thank you!! Claudia B.

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