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We want Connecting Point INTERNET to be your next Internet Service Provider (ISP). Here’s why:

Connecting Point INTERNET marks the next logical step in the long evolution of Connecting Point Computer Centers. Established in 1975, Connecting Point is one of the oldest, most experienced personal computer dealers in the country. We service what we sell, and we support our customers in ways no one else can.

Many of our customers were reporting problems with their various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and while we did everything we could to help, much of the troubleshooting was out of our hands. In response, in October 1998 we launched Connecting Point INTERNET. We now have the capability to monitor, fine-tune, and support all aspects of your Internet experience: Computer, software… and the Internet connection itself.

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    1. Well, us, of course… 😉

      Seriously, internet access is divided into two components: the service that provides the bandwidth, that physically connects you to the net, and the service that manages your access, with DNS servers, email, security options, and the like. In East Medford, you have two main choices for the first component: Charter Cable and CenturyLink DSL. Charter insists you use their service for the second part, but CenturyLink lets you select your provider. One of those choices could be Connecting Point INTERNET. And CenturyLink’s DSL can use your existing telephone line (assuming you have one), so there is no additional installation or cable-pulling required.

      But to be honest, from a bandwidth and price/performance standpoint, Charter is probably your best bet, especially if you’re also looking for TV service (although CenturyLink has a partnership with DirecTV that is pretty strong). They have much, much faster top connection speeds available than DSL. And the introductory offers they’re running right now are pretty great.

      We’d suggest checking out what both companies are currently offering for new subscribers, comparing, and then selecting the one that best suits your needs. Visit Charter here, and CenturyLink here.

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