Liquid Spill Cleaning

Liquid has just spilled on your computer. Stop! Take a deep breath. The next steps you take are critically important…

Liquid damage to notebook computer

Liquid damage. (Photo credit: kattni)


  • IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER and unplug its power cord or AC adapter. (On an Apple computer, you hold the power button down for five seconds.)
  • If it’s a notebook, immediately remove the computer’s battery (if possible – some newer notebooks have non-removable batteries).
  • Disconnect any peripherals (printers, iPods, scanners, cameras, etc.) and cables.
  • Lay the computer on paper towels to get as much liquid as possible to drip out. If it’s a notebook, “tent” the computer upside down over a cloth towel or paper towels.
  • Note what substance was spilled on your computer. This can affect what the service technicians will do to repair it.
  • Bring your computer into Connecting Point SERVICE as soon as possible.


  • IMPORTANT! DO NOT TURN THE COMPUTER BACK ON. Liquids can be excellent conductors, and will do their best to direct electricity into places it has no business going.
  • Don’t shake the computer (this will only spread the liquid around).
  • Don’t use a hair dryer on it (even at a low setting a hair dryer will damage sensitive components).

Connecting Point’s Spill Cleaning Service

We charge our standard $29.99 system diagnosis for checking the computer and determining the extent of the spill damage. When you bring your computer in for a spill evaluation, we completely disassemble it and clean the affected parts. Then we reassemble the computer and test it to determine if any of the parts need to be replaced. A technician will then call you with the cost to replace any damaged parts; at that point you can choose to continue the repair or move onto a new machine.

We’ll give you the same frank advice we’d give a good friend; if it makes more sense to purchase a new system, we’ll let you know at this time.

Liquid Spill Cleaning FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Contact Connecting Point SERVICE for assistance.

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