Apple Authorized iPad, iPod, Watch, and iPhone repair

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Competent, experienced, and fully authorized Apple iPod, iPad, Watch, and iPhone repair services. If you have a broken Apple iPod®, iPhone®,  Watch®, or iPad®, Connecting Point SERVICE is both fully qualified and Apple authorized to take care of the problem for you. Just bring it in. We perform both warranty and out-of-warranty service.

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Apple iPod, iPad, and iPhone repair done right.

Apple certified technicians will gently and lovingly nurse your ailing Apple device back to health,* using genuine Apple parts and strictly following Apple procedures and guidelines.

Common iOS Device Service Rates

Here are our fees** for some of the most commonly requested procedures and services:

  • Initial iOS device setup for your new iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad $49.99
  • Help resetting your Apple ID or password $29.99
  • Apple device restore to factory defaults $29.99
  • iOS device backup or restore $49.99
  • iOS device password management $49.99
  • One hour of one-on-one iCoach training on your device $99.99

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Please remove all cases, covers, or screen protectors from your mobile device, and make sure it is completely backed up, before bringing your device in to our Service Dept. Thanks!

* Our contract with Apple forbids us from performing certain repairs in our service department. This is particularly true with devices like iPhone and Apple Watch – some repairs we can do; others we are simply not allowed to do. We should emphasize this is not our choice, but Apple’s. When a repair cannot be performed in-house, we send it to an Apple service center.

** If Connecting Point SERVICE is unable to resolve your issue, you will not be charged for our time. However, neither Connecting Point, Inc. nor Connecting Point SERVICE may be held responsible for loss of data of any kind. We encourage you to discuss proper backup procedures with one of our technicians.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, iPhone, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AppleCare is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. In some cases , mobile devices will be sent to Apple for repair or replacement.

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