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So what is iCoach+ Premium Apple Support, anyway?
Like most people, you lead a busy life. It’s hard to find time to set up and learn the ins and outs of your new Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Apple very slim, very light MacBook, introduced March 2015That’s where Connecting Point’s iCoach+ Premium Apple Support service comes in. We’ll deliver your new Mac and any supporting devices and peripherals to your home or office, set them up, and make sure everything is working harmoniously together. And then our expert will sit down and take you through the things you’ll need to get up and going, quickly and efficiently. It maximizes your investment and saves you precious time.

In short, we provide a complete start-to-finish solution: hardware delivered and set up, software services and accounts fully enabled, followed by an in-depth training session. Ask as many questions as you want. These one-on-one sessions are designed to get you up to speed on your new Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Here’s what is included in iCoach+ Premium Apple Support

iCoach+ Premium Apple Support includes setting up your new Mac and peripherals:

  • Unpacking items
  • Connecting devices and peripherals
  • Discussing any additional items that may be needed (backup drive, UPS, printer, etc.)

iCoach+ Premium Apple Support includes setting up your various Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, etc.):

  • Plug devices/unit in
  • How to turn on your devices
  • Attach to existing network
  • Register your devices at initial setup
  • Set up an Apple ID (if needed)

iCoach+ Premium Apple Support includes orientation on the system software and apps that come with your Mac:

   The Finder

  • Finder Preferences
  • Configuring hard drives to display on desktop
  • Opening a new Finder window
  • User preferences
  • Using Tags in Sidebar
  • Sidebar icon preferences
  • Deleting Trash securely – pros and con
  • Creating a new folder
  • Creating a “burn” folder, including burning to CDs vs. DVDs
  • Get Info option
  • Find option
  • Copying and Pasting files
  • Select All items option
  • Using the Go option to navigate directly to folders

   System Preferences

  • Changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver
  • Dock preferences
  • Using Mission Control
  • Keyboard and mouse adjustments
  • Sound settings
  • User settings and password
  • Logging into the App Store
  • Downloading an app
  • Finding downloaded items in the Download folder
  • Installing and ejecting mounted media
  • Adjusting Date and Time
  • Time Machine setup and use


  • Setting up an appointment
  • Removing an appointment


  • Adding a contact
  • Modifying an existing contact
  • Deleting a contact


  • Launching, adding, removing, and closing Widgets
  • Dashboard configuration and usage

   DVD Player (where applicable)

  • Starting, using, closing


  • Setting up your Facetime account
  • Adding and removing contacts
  • Making a video call

   Photos (formerly iPhoto)

  • Importing photos from a smartphone
  • Importing photos from a previous computer
  • Creating and moving folders within iPhoto
  • Merging, editing, and emailing photos


  • Signing in to your iTunes account
  • Downloading a song
  • Creating a Playlist
  • Connecting devices to work with iTunes


  • Setting up an email account
  • Sending, receiving, forwarding, replying to, and deleting email

   Photo Booth

  • Taking photos
  • Applying special effects filters
  • Saving photos
  • Finding saved Photo Booth photos when desired


  • Using the useful Preview option to look at a document without actually opening it


  • Setting up iCloud to work the way you want it to work


  • Creating a new document
  • Opening an existing document
  • Save As… function explained
  • Locating where your documents are stored

Q & A Session
You will have exclusive access to our iCoach for up to six hours (excluding a one hour break for lunch) for iCoach+ Premium Apple Support Tier 1, and up to four hours for iCoach+ Premium Apple Support Tier 2. Use as much of that time as you like to ask questions.

[OPTIONAL] Removal of the hard drive from your old system (for security purposes), and ensuring your old computer and peripherals are properly recycled. Our iCoach is more than happy to take away your old computer for proper recycling.

What is the cost?
The cost for iCoach+ Premium Apple Support Tier 1 is $399.99, and includes up to six (6) hours onsite with your iCoach. The cost for iCoach+ Premium Apple Support Tier 2 is $299.99, and includes up to four (4) hours onsite with your iCoach.

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