Why buy from us?

Why buy from Connecting Point, Medford ORYou have plenty of choices for computer sales, service, and support. So why buy from Connecting Point? Lots of reasons:


Connecting Point has been helping folks with their technology needs since April 1975, making us one of the oldest personal computer dealerships in the country… and indeed, the world.

Locally owned and independently operated.

Connecting Point has been a locally-owned, family-run independent business since the beginning. Keep your hard-earned dollars here in our community, where they can do the most good.

We service what we sell.

We are an authorized Apple Service Provider, as well as an authorized service center for HP/Compaq.

Apple Premier Partner.

Connecting Point is one of a small, elite group of computer retailers in North America to be honored with this designation. We believe we can provide the very best buying experience for the Apple product line – before, during, and (especially) after the sale.

The tech support is complimentary…and for life.

When you purchase a product from Connecting Point, its price includes free up-and-running tech support for the life of that product.

We take trade-ins.

Currently, we’re accepting late-model Mac systems and iPads for trade toward any new product. We’ll also take a look at late-model PCs, both desktop and laptop.

No sales tax.

Oregon is one of only four* United States that has no sales tax. On a major purchase like a computer, that can save visitors to our fine state a bundle.

* In case you were wondering, the other three are Alaska, Delaware, and Montana.

4 Replies to “Why buy from us?”

  1. This site sucks. I need a laptop and wanted to buy locally. Searching for laptop should have givin me items in stock and prices. Nothing. The store tab doesn’t even list your hours. Off to Costco!

    1. Mark, we applaud your attempt to buy your new notebook from a local, independent reseller like us. Sorry you were unable to find what you were looking for. You were probably searching for Windows notebooks (the term we mainly use here instead of laptop) on our site. We stock a good selection of models from HP, Dell, Acer, and others. These models are updated too frequently to list them all on our site. We do have full descriptions of the entire Apple notebook family on the site – with prices – but it sounds like that isn’t what you were after. Which is a shame, because with free tech support for life, an in-house service department, and over 40 years of experience, we really believe Connecting Point offers a better computer buying experience than the “big box” stores.

      As for our hours, besides being listed under the “About” tab, they are also posted at the bottom of every page. Hope this helps!

  2. Among the reasons you give for buying from you, you say. “The tech support is complimentary…and for life.When you purchase a product from Connecting Point, its price includes free up-and-running tech support for the life of that product.”

    And yet, your guy on the phone just told me your store does not offer the free in-store OSX update. I’d have to pay for that because you’re not an “Apple Store”. To be frank, and with all due respect, this does make me wonder why I should keep buying Apple computers from you guys.

    1. Mr. Scarbrough, thanks for taking the time to provide your valued feedback. Perhaps our website needs to go into a little more detail on exactly what “up-and-running tech support” means. If you can’t get your printer to print, or your Time Machine backup system stops working, you can call and speak to a trained technician, who will attempt to talk you through a solution. Alternately, you can pop into our store and pick the brain of one of our sales specialists or a tech at the Service Counter. This is a unique offering that the vast majority of our customers find useful. Neither hardware nor software upgrades are included in this service, since they require the time and attention of one of our techs. We’re sorry we couldn’t perform an operating system upgrade on your Mac at no charge, but hope you’ll agree that at least some of the other six reasons for buying a computer from us are also of great value. We look forward to helping with all your future computer and device needs. Thanks again!

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