PowerBot Universal Power Bank and LED Flashlight for $9.99 at Connecting PointNow you can proclaim not only “Let there be light!” but also “Let there be power!”

Because, you know, this little doohickey provides both. You get a nifty auxiliary power booster for most all your USB devices, including phones, tablets, media players and the like. So you get extra juice in the field, for those times you’re off the grid. And you also get a mega-bright LED flashlight. This is a great dual-purpose tool for your car, your travel bag, your remote mountain cabin.

What’s more, an independent panel of experts we just made up ranked this little guy a 9.5 on the Kringle/Yule Stocking Stuffability Index (on a scale of 1 to 10).

That’s pretty high. But you know what isn’t high? Its price. Normally 20 bucks, we’re slashing the price in half for this week’s DOTW.

Learn all about this week’s cool Deal here.

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