Dual USB charger for $5.99 as Connecting Point's Deal of the WeekBack in February, we featured this little guy for our weekly Deal.

It turned out to be one crazy-popular offer, and we sold out in no time. Then we had customers coming in the rest of the week, looking to take advantage, only to be disappointed.

Well, here at Connecting Point, we’re just not into disappointment. So we’re bringing back this dual USB charger, and once again slashing the price from 20 bucks to less than six. It’s made by noted accessory manufacturer iEssentials, designed to work seamlessly and last a long, long time.

This is one of our most popular chargers, heartily endorsed by Medford sales lead Scott Farmer. “I’ve sold tons of these, and they never come back,” Scott says. “Our customers love ’em.”

This charger works with your iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, camera, or whatever USB-chargeable device you might have. Don’t miss out this time: come in for your iEssentials Dual USB Charger today!

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