Mobile Device Charging Station on sale for $1.99 - reg. $49.99One station to join them all, and on a counter charge them. With four outlets spaced to accommodate bulky AC adapters, as well as two USB charging outputs, this six-device charger station is perfect for organizing and charging your MP3 player, cell phone, digital camera, or any other portable electronic device. Not only that, but its built-in surge protection guards your precious from wayward electrons.

Charging stations like these normally sell for 60 bucks and up. Our everyday discounted price is $49.99. So how can we possibly afford to sell it this week for a rock-bottom $1.99?

The answer to that question is to dye for. No, that wasn’t a misspelling, just a truly awful pun. You can’t really tell from the photo above, but the color of the plastic on this device is… well, it’s odd. It’s the color of those nicotine-stained doilies at your chain-smoking great Aunt Tilly’s house. A color borrowed from the palette of absinthe-induced hallucinations, of smoke-damaged ivory, of rancid sour cream. They haven’t used this color in electronics manufacturing since the late 1970’s, and even then it was an ill-advised choice.

Somebody had to have lost their job for choosing this color. Deservedly.

But tucked away on a dresser, in the back of a bookshelf, under a counter – far, far from prying eyes – it will still do the job it’s intended to do, and do it well.

And no one will be the wiser.


  • Skid resistant pads hold devices securely
  • Five clips for cable organization
  • Expandable device holder
  • Foldable for easy portability
  • 1080 joule surge protection
  • On/off rocker switch

This offer runs from Friday, October 2nd through Thursday, October 8th, 2015, or while supplies last. Sorry, no rainchecks.

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