PUMP UP YOUR COMPUTER promo - Feb. 2016Every new year, a lot of us resolve to get back into shape. But what about your computer?

Has it been acting a little… flabby lately? Takes forever to boot up. Loads apps and documents oh so slowly. Or maybe it seems to be grinding away on something – anything– other than what you’re working on.

Connecting Point SERVICE can help. We’ve got three highly effective ways to PUMP UP YOUR COMPUTER:

  1. First, a MEMORY UPGRADE. More RAM gives your computer’s operating system and apps more room to do their work, making it noticeably faster. Memory is pretty affordable right now, so we recommend maxing out your computer.
  2. Second, a SOLID STATE DRIVE, or SSD. SSDs have no moving parts and are many times faster than hard drives (which it replaces). Once we install them, most of our customers say it feels like they’re using a brand new computer. And your old hard drive can be put into an external USB enclosure for additional storage.
  3. Third, a SYSTEM TUNE-UP. We’ll scan for viruses and malware, check all ports and components, update the operating system, and clear out unneeded programs.

One or more of these options can make a drastic difference in the performance of your system.

So let Connecting Point’s  Service Department PUMP UP YOUR COMPUTER. Mac or PC, laptop or desktop, bring your system in before the end of the month and we’ll go over your options. It’s like a gym membership for your computer, except you don’t have to wait months – or drink kale smoothies – to see the results. Plus, print out this page and bring it in with you (or show it to our Service Writer from your mobile device), and we’ll knock 10% off your total bill.

This promotion runs from February 18th through 29th, 2016.

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