Cable-It_Monster_640x640_taggedTechnology often goes hand-in-hand with cables and wires. Cables for power, cables for data, cables to connect peripherals and external devices and chargers and telephonic gadgets. Whether you use a computer at home, have a home office or recording studio, or use a workstation at the office, you are almost certainly enmeshed in an octopus-like tangle of cables and wires.

You could take the morning off from anything productive, and attack the problem area with twist-ties and duct tape. It might not look great, it might take hours – but the mess will have been conquered. Pretty much.

Or you can drop three bucks and pick up this week’s DOTW. In three fast, easy steps, your cables are wrangled and neatly organized. And it comes from Monster – they know a little something about cables.

So master that mangled mess today. Find out all about it here.

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