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Home in your hand.

Apple iPad, iPhone or Watch can be configured to monitor and manipulate environments, and to assist with a wide variety of household tasks. The protocol that enables all this, HomeKit, has been widely adopted by a growing number of industries and product lines. HomeKit allows you to control all kinds of devices in your home, including lightbulbs, fans, door locks, electrical outlets, window blinds, thermostats, and security cameras.

With the Home app you can easily set up and control HomeKit-compatible accessories using your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.  You are even able control everything with your voice, using Siri!

With an Apple TV or iPad set up as a home hub, you can even control your HomeKit accessories from anywhere with an Internet connection, whenever you want — or even set up automatic scenarios that can be performed without your assistance. And collections of devices may be grouped into a scene, where a single touch or spoken command performs multiple tasks. For instance, a scene you’ve named “Good Night” might lock the doors, turn off the lights, and lower the temperature.

HomeKit accessories

There are a wide variety of accessories available from leading brands around the world — including lights, cameras, smart plugs, thermostats, door locks, fans, garage doors, and more. Apple maintains an up-to-date list (which is growing longer every day) of these accessories here.

Security and privacy

Rest assured: Every communication between your iOS device and HomeKit accessory is end-to-end encrypted, and all the information about your home and how you use it is stored on your device and private to you.

Easy setup

With the camera on your iPhone or iPad, you can scan a setup code that’s either on the accessory or in its instructions, then just name the accessory and the room it’s in. BAM… you’re done.

Shared access

You can share your home with family members or guests. That way, they can control accessories and run scenes using the Home app on their Apple devices, too.

Accessory control

Accessories show up as tiles with icons in the Home app. You tap the accessory tile to control it: turn on/off, lock/unlock, and more. Simply press and hold the accessory tile to do things like adjust the brightness of a light or the target temperature of a thermostat.


Create scenes so your accessories work together at the same time with a single command. You can set a “Good Night” scene to turn off all the lights, close the shades, and lock the door when you turn in for the night. An “I’m Home” scene can open the garage, unlock the door, and turn on the lights when you get home in the evening.


Use your voice to ask Siri to control any of your HomeKit accessories or run a scene. For example, just use the Siri Remote with your Apple TV and say “Movie Night” to dim the lights and draw the shades.

Home hub

You can use an Apple TV or iPad as a home hub. This allows you to do even more with the Home app:

  • Access everything in your house while on the go with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch—control accessories, view live camera video, run scenes, and do anything you’d normally do while at home using the Home app.
  • Automatically trigger an accessory or scene by time of day, your location, sensor detection, or an accessory action—you set it once, and it happens from then on.

Your local HomeKit experts

Connecting Point is committed to the HomeKit concept, and we will be gradually adding more and more HomeKit accessories to our product lineup as the technology grows and matures. We invite you to drop by to learn more and get a hands-on demonstration today.

System Requirements

  • iPhone, iPad running iOS 10 or later
  • Apple TV running tvOS 10 or later (for remote access to devices)
  • Apple Watch running watchOS 2 or later
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