Deal of the Week | July 26th, 2013: 8-Pin Lightning to USB cable for $4.99

8-pin Lightning to USB cable for $4.99If you own a late-model iPod touch or iPad, or the iPhone 5, you’re already familiar with the Lightning cable it came with. It works great, but it is, after all, just one cable. Detaching and lugging it everywhere you and your device go can get pretty tedious.

Now you can keep one in the car, one at the office, one in the beach house… well, you get the idea. These are not Apple-branded cables, but they’re functionally identical (they can charge and sync your iOS devices) and sell for a just over a quarter of the price of the Apple version. That’s right: instead of $19, this cable sells – this week only – for a mere $4.99!

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Deal of the Week | July 19, 2013: Monster Cable Cable-It cable organizer for $2.99

Monster Cable Cable-It cable organizer for $2.99This week’s DOTW addresses a knotty issue: the tangle of cables under your desk, behind your entertainment center, or in your network wiring cabinet. Renowned for the quality and reliability of their products, cable and connection giant Monster Cable has come up with a solution that’s literally as easy as 1-2-3: Cable-It.

And at less than three bucks, you can afford to buy enough to organize every one of the snarled cables in your home, office, or classroom.

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Deal of the Week | July 12, 2013: Compact nine-LED red pocket flashlight for $4.99

Compact nine-LED red pocket flashlight for $4.99Since around June 21st, the days have been growing shorter again.

Sad but true: It’s getting darker sooner, each and every day. And you really don’t want to be caught out in that darkness, unprepared. It’s a jungle out there. Here in Oregon, we really do have lions and bears (and tigers, too, if only in prehistory).

That’s where this week’s DOTW comes in: A sturdy, compact, surprisingly bright LED flashlight for under five bucks. When a threat comes charging at you, you need to see it coming.

Keep one by the breaker box, one in the glove box, one in the junk drawer, another behind the computer desk (for those times you need to plug/unplug something), and yet another in your Gulfstream’s liquor cabinet – and you still haven’t spent $25.

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For the first time, Connecting Point is one of the sponsors of this weekend’s Bend Summer Festival

Bank fo the Cascades Bend Summer Festival July 12-14, 2013What are you doing this weekend?

What if you could go to one single place that offered four stages of free music, a fine artist promenade, a kids’ area, a conscious living showcase, a gourmet food, jazz, and wine marketplace, and plenty of delicious food and libation?

We’ve just described the Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival, which makes its 23rd annual appearance beginning Friday, July 12th and running through Sunday, July 14th.

One of the four stages mentioned above is the KPOV Locals-Only Stage (located in the Wells Fargo parking lot), which will host some of the the best regional and local musical talents on Saturday and Sunday. And that’s where Connecting Point comes in.

RelyLocal-Bend will be providing Co-Sponsorship support via its participating members (including, for the very first time, Connecting Point Computer Centers) for the KPOV Locals-Only Stage musicians (through C3 Events), who will play beginning at 11am Saturday morning. See the complete details about the festival, including all the music on all four stages, here.

Enjoying 23 years of success, the Bank of Cascades Bend Summer Festival draws 75,000 visitors for a weekend like no other. Festival features fine artists and craftspeople, artisans and performers, and four stages of some of the best regional and national blues, rock and jazz.

Deal of the Week | July 5, 2013: Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer with PC Upload for $24.99

Indoor / Outdoor thermometer with PC upload for $24.99We’ve all done it: Stepped outside utterly and completely unprepared for the temperature there.

No longer. With this precision instrument from Oregon Scientific, you’ll always be aware of the temperature both indoors and out. The remote sensor works wirelessly, meaning you don’t even have to worry about snaking any wires through a window. The magnetic back makes installation a snap. The built-in USB port and included software give you the capability to actually record and track temperatures. And because it’s our Deal of the Week, we’re knocking a whopping $25 off its price – that’s half off!

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