Deal of the Week | October 25, 2013: All Games in Stock $1.99 Each

Every Game Title in Stock $1.99 eachWe’ll be honest with you: We’ve got game titles sitting on our shelves that have been there for years.

Software distribution has been transitioning to online downloads for a while now – especially for games – and we kind of got caught off guard.

We’re trying to free up space for cool new products, and to that end we’re offering an unbeatable deal on the game titles in stock: Buy ’em now, as many as you like, while supplies last, for just $1.99 apiece. And we’ve got a lot of titles, for both Mac and PC.

So break the piggy bank and head on down to our Bend or Medford store soon. All games in stock are $1.99. The good ones are going to go first and fast, so don’t delay!

More about this here.

Deal of the Week | October 18, 2013: Wi-Fi Netcam with Built-in Mic for $39.99

Wi-Fi Network Video Camera with Mic for $39.99Lot of cameras out there. Whole lot of surveillance going on.

Not trying to be paranoid or anything, but just look. At the supermarket, on the street, in the lobby, the café, the ATM, the super-villain’s lair: Surveillance cameras are ubiquitous.

Time to fight back with a little bit of counter-surveillance. And you can do it for just under 40 bucks – that’s $60 off the regular price! Countermeasures have never been so affordable.

Find out more about taking an eye for an electric eye here.

Give our troops overseas a movie night – donate your DVDs at our Medford store

Give our troops a movie night.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 4.36.14 PMDemonstrate your support for our brave men and women in uniform. Bring in any DVDs you can spare to Connecting Point’s Medford location. We’ve partnered with Charter Media, History, and other local businesses to collect DVDs from now through December to send to our troops abroad. Even children’s titles are welcome – they’ll be distributed to servicemen’s and servicewomen’s families, right here in the US.

Give our troops a movie night - bring your DVDs into Connecting Point

Protecting our country can be alternately ultra-dangerous and ultra-boring. Downtime in remote parts of the world can be really tedious, and the entertainment options limited. That movie on DVD you donate can help make the time pass a little more enjoyably.

So we ask you to look around your home, see what DVDs you might be willing to donate – and the bring them in to the collection box here at the Medford store. We’d like to fill the box to bursting! Read more here.

Deal of the Week | October 11, 2013: VIBE Juicys Comfort Earbuds in Six Colors for 99¢

VIBE Juicys Comfort Earbuds in six colors for 99 cents eachWhite earbuds are so 2000 and late.

Now (finally!) you can accessorize your earbuds to fit any occasion, any ensemble, any locale. Because VIBE Juicys comes in six delicious “flavors”: Blackberry, Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Coconut, Blueberry, and Green Apple. And at a buck apiece, you’d be hard-pressed to find cheaper chic.

Seriously, even if fashion isn’t your bag, these are worth a squinty look. They sound great, they feel comfortable, they work with all your favorite devices, and… well, they’re a buck. Keep a pair at home, another by the pool, another in the car, the boat, the RV, the hang glider. And you can color-code them, so you know exactly which set goes where. Organization!

Find out all about this week’s DOTW here.

Deal of the Week | October 4, 2013: Portable rechargeable LED-flashing mini-cube speaker/jukebox/clock/FM tuner for $12.99 (reg. $29.99)

Portable rechargeable flashing LED mini-cube speaker/jukebox/clock/FM tuner for $12.99 (reg. $29.99)The first thing you notice is its weight. Even though it’s just a two-inch cube, it has a real heft to it. It feels solidly built. Reliable.

Then you start reading over the list of things the tiny cube does: Portable rechargeable speaker. MP3 jukebox. Clock. FM radio. LED flashing disco duck.

Think of all the devices that would love to begin a new life with this guy: Your smartphone. Your iPad or iPod. Your netbook or portable gaming device or portable DVD player or… well, you get the idea.

Come check it out. But don’t put it off too long – because this week, we’re selling them for just $12.99 – 17 dollars off the regular price. Find out more here.

Connecting Point a proud sponsor of ‘The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival 2013’ Oct. 4-6

Bend Fall Festival 2013 - October 4, 5, and 6As fall gracefully eases its way onto the scene and provides a time to harvest and give thanks, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a community gathering. The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival, presented by The Source Weekly brings a celebration of all things fall to downtown Bend.

Fall-themed activities will include lots of free live music (including local artists on the Connecting Point-sponsored Locals Only Stage), 125 artists and craftspeople, a Deschutes Brewery-sponsored homebrew competition, a pumpkin pie contest, and more. The weather is looking good, the musicians are tuning up, so bring the kids and celebrate the season!

You can get full details at the C3 Events page here, or flip through the online version of the Official Guide.