104-Key Large-Print Multimedia USB Keyboard for $9.99Most large-print keyboards look like something bolted down under a sneeze guard in a kindergarten classroom.

Garish, ugly, misbegotten creations, devoid of spark, of style, of flair.

It’s plain from the photo at left that such is not the case with this keyboard. Clean design, slimline enclosure, adjustable feet, appealing black and silver motif. You almost forget for a moment just how easy it is to see those keys. Almost.

And functional? Let’s talk functional: This keyboard sports 15 dedicated hot keys, specifically designed to make your life easier. Navigate back or forward a page in your browser. Control the volume. Go straight to your default home page. All with a single, mouse-free keystroke.

And this week, we’re cutting the price of this already very affordable keyboard in half. Normally selling for $20, the DOTW price is an astonishing $9.99.

Find out more about this terrific offer here.

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