appleJuce Key Chain Pump and Cleaning Cloth for 99 centsIt’s a smudgy, smeary, grimy kind of world out there.

No, this isn’t a voiceover for a lost episode of “Law & Order: Cybercrime.” Instead, we’re talking about the myriad ways your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iMac, computer monitor, and TV can have their beautiful color images refracted through… stuff.

This travel-size kit is intended to remove the bad stuff, so you can see all the good stuff. It comes with a compact-size spray pump of apple-scented, non-toxic, totally green appleJuce cleaning fluid, attached to a cloth to complete the cleaning process.

Since we’re selling the travel-size kit as our DOTW for a ridiculously low 99 cents (it normally sells for three bucks), you can toss one in your travel bag, your notebook carrying case, your car, and your desk drawer. And you’ll no longer have any excuse for dirty screens – and the surfaces of all your electronics. Yes, that’s right: It also works perfectly to clean your notebook or desktop all over.

Find out more about our latest Deal of the Week here.

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