Maxell AA Alkaline Battery 4-Pack for 99 centsOpen the junk drawer in your kitchen.

Go ahead – we’ll wait. We brought a magazine.

(If you’re reading this in your car – well, first, we hope you’re not actually driving, because whoa, dangerous. If you’re safely parked, pop open the glovebox.)

Chances are, you’ll find something in there that runs on batteries. And nine times out of 10, those batteries are AA alkalines. So many things run on AA’s: Flashlights, handheld devices, remotes, every children’s toy known to man – you name it. You’re always needing a fresh set of batteries. And now you can stock up, cheaply and reliably.

Because this week’s DOTW offers brand-name Maxell AA alkaline battery four packs for a low, low 99 cents (they normally sell for four bucks).

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