Remote controlled switched sockets for $12.99We know, we know. You already have way too many remotes.

Probably a whole drawer full. Or maybe yours bedeck the entire top surface of the coffee table. We get it, because these days, pretty much everyone has a lot of remotes.

But this week, you may want to make room for just one more. Because this one lets you control two different lights, tools, appliances – anything you can plug into a standard outlet. And control them from up to 100 feet away. Use it to activate lights on the front porch of your home, from your car. Or to turn on the heating pad in the doghouse. Fire up the coffeemaker before you even climb out of bed. Use it anywhere you wish you’d installed a switch, in seconds.

And setup could not be simpler:

  • Plug each controller into an AC outlet.
  • Plug whatever you want to control into their outlets.
  • Done.

These two-packs are normally 30 bucks, but this week only you can pick them up for just $12.99. Find out more about our latest Deal of the Week here.

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