Kensington PowerBolt 1.0 Fast Charge & Sync Car Adapter for $9.99No longer must you worry about your iPhone going dead in the car. Because this week’s DOTW brings a brand-name charger and Lightning cable to you for less than 10 bucks.

Kensington has been making high-quality Apple accessories for over 30 years. This is not your run-of-the-mill cheap Asian knockoff, but a quality-built, reliable product.

So forget about your iPhone’s battery charge indicator, at least while you’re driving. Because we’ve got a fast 1.0-amp charger and USB-to-Lightning for half off the normal price of $19.99. That’s right: This week only, while supplies last, we’re slashing the price to $9.99. Find out more about our latest Deal of the Week here.

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