Six-foot high-quality HDMI cable M/M for $3.99 at Connecting PointIf a cable isn’t rated HDMI 1.3a Category 2, then it’s not full 1080P. This cable is, and thus is perfect for the latest high-refresh-rate HDTV’s, Play Station 3, Blu-ray players, HD DVD players, XBOX, and audio systems that support Dolby Surround Sound and TRUE HD Surround Sound.

The latest revision for HDMI doubles the bandwidth of the original, and has opened the door for a host of potential new advancements in Home Theatre Audio/Video performance. New features such a “Deep Color,” higher color gamut, and high resolution, multi-channel audio formats like Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio will make higher bandwidth demands than ever before. Equipment manufacturers are bringing out new devices to take advantage of these new features. You’ll want to be ready.

And fortunately, “being ready” doesn’t mean “being broke.” These cables are normally 20 bucks, but all this week (or at least while supplies last), they’re a steal at $3.99.

Learn all about this week’s cool Deal here.

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