Monster Cable Cable-It cable organizer for $2.99Here’s a little exercise for you to try.

If you’re currently at your desk in front of a computer, stand up and take a look behind all the equipment. Or if you’re sitting in your living room, take a glance behind your big-screen TV.

Go ahead. We’ll wait.

OK, so what did you see? If you saw a clean, neatly-arranged collection of connectors, cables, and wires, you can stop reading right now. You’re golden.

But if you saw a tangled rat’s-nest of snarled wires, intertwined cables, and just general chaos, well…we’re here to help.

This week’s Deal is from legendary accessory wizards Monster Cable. It’s called Cable-It, and it’s a fast, simple method of organizing all those cables and wires into something resembling order. They’re normally 20 bucks, but this week (while supplies last) we’re selling them for three dollars. At that price, you can afford several – and your life is about to get measurably more organized.

Find out more about this week’s DOTW here.


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