Liquid Spill Cleaning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Logic Board removed from Mac desktop computer

Logic Board Out (Photo credit: roobarb!)

What are the chances my computer will be OK?

Surprisingly good. But keep in mind, most spill damaged computers will require replacement parts.

My computer won’t turn on after a spill. Is it worth cleaning?

If the computer is fairly new, it makes sense to attempt a spill cleaning. If it is older than three years, it may be time to consider a new system.

How does this affect my warranty?

Liquid and spill damage is not covered by warranty (but may be covered by accidental damage insurance, home owners/renter insurance policies, and some credit cards). Most computer manufacturers, including Apple, charge hefty fees to deal with spill damaged systems. We think you’ll find Connecting Point SERVICE‘s prices much more reasonable.

Is there some type of warranty on spill cleaning?

No, we offer a standard 90-day warranty on the replaced parts unless otherwise specified at the time of the repair. We do not warranty the entire computer.

It was just a little liquid. How could that have killed my computer?

It really depends on where the liquid made contact with the internal components. The tiniest amount of liquid could cause a logic board to fail. (The logic board is the main circuit board in your computer that connects to nearly every other part of the machine.) The logic board of a typical modern computer is densely crowded, with thousands of highly sensitive components.

I dropped my computer off a week ago. What’s taking so long?

Spill cleaning is time consuming. It is a process that is best not rushed. Please keep in mind what is being done in the case of a spill cleaning. We must fully disassemble and clean your system. After that, it must be allowed to dry for a minimum of 48 hours. Then we inspect it further to determine what, if any, damage has occurred. We replace suspect parts and reassemble it. Finally it is tested thoroughly to ensure complete functionality.

Can I trade-in my spill damaged computer to you for parts?

Usually not. Any parts damaged by the spill cannot be traded in but occasionally we may offer a small amount for other parts.

Can I apply the spill clean fee to the purchase of a new computer?

We would sincerely appreciate if you did purchase a new computer from us. However, we are not able to apply the fee to your new purchase. If you decide to purchase a new computer from Connecting Point, we will transfer the data from your old system to a new one at no additional charge (providing your hard drive remains functional).

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