iPad Trade-In Program

Bring your old iPad in for cash or trade

cash or trade-in, cash paid for iPad, iPad trade-in, Medford OR Connecting PointiPad trade-in right here! Do you have an Apple iPad you’d like to trade-in* for something new – or even for cash? Then by all means, bring it in to our store!

Upon passing inspection by Connecting Point SERVICE, we’ll likely* offer a fair trade-in price (which can be applied to any new goods or services in our store). In many cases, we’ll even pay cash!

NOTE: If you don’t see your iPad model in the table below, it’s probably because it is too old for us to continue offering a trade-in value. In some cases, we may still be able to offer you some sort of value for the device. Just bring it in, or give us a call!

Our iPad trade-in values

MODEL iPad Air 2 iPad Air 2 +Cell iPad mini 3 iPad mini 3 +Cell iPad mini 4 iPad mini 4 +Cell
16GB $115 $120 $75 $85 $135 $140
32GB $120 $130 $90 $100 $140 $155
64GB $130 $140 $105 $115 $150 $170
128GB $140 $150 $115 $125 $160 $185
MODEL iPad w/Retina (4th gen.) iPad w/Retina +Cell (4th gen.) iPad Air iPad Air +Cell
16GB $55 $60 $70 $80
32GB $60 $65 $80 $90
64GB $65 $70 $90 $100
128GB $75 $85 $100 $110
MODEL iPad Pro 9.7″ iPad Pro 9.7″ +Cell iPad Pro 10.5″ iPad Pro 10.5″ +Cell iPad Pro 12.9″ (2017) iPad Pro 12.9″ +Cell (2017)
32GB $160 $185 N/A N/A N/A N/A
64GB N/A N/A $260 $330 $330 $380
128GB $195 $215 N/A N/A N/A N/A
256GB $215 $260 $310 $380 $365 $430
512GB N/A N/A $400 $455 $440 $520

*Trade-in prices are for iPads in good working condition, cosmetically flawless (no scratches, stains, or other blemishes, or water damage), with the original box, USB cable, and AC adapter (although we may still accept trades without a box, cable, or AC adapter – or if there is some cosmetic wear and tear – but we will offer less in trade). Every iPad taken in trade must be checked out by our Service Department first. We reserve the right to decline a trade on the basis of cosmetics, wear, damage, or any other criteria we feel might hurt its resale value. Trade-in prices are subject to change without notice. Value of trade-in may be applied toward any new goods or services, but not toward used, trade-in, or refurbished products, nor for gift cards. [020118]#021617

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