Deal of the Week | Apr. 19, 2013: PC Game Collections on 2GB USB Flash Drives for $4.99 ea.

PC Game Packs on USB Drives for $4.99 eachIt’s Friday – and the weekend beckons.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a bunch of new PC games to try out? And wouldn’t it be even cooler if these game collections came on a reusable 2GB USB flash drive, so you can install it on computers without an optical drive (like netbooks and ultrabooks)?

And wouldn’t it be cool if you could pick up these game packs for less than five bucks? Heck, that’s a great price for a completely blank 2GB flash drive. So even if you find you don’t care for a single one of the games, just erase it and use it for other stuff. Because flash drives? Always handy.

We’re not playing games here – grab these while you can for an amazing $4.99 apiece. Find out the nitty gritty details here.

Deal of the Week | Mar. 22, 2013: USB-Powered Color-Cycling LED Stars for $4.99

USB-Powered Chain of Color-Cycling LED StarsYou probably spend a lot of time on or around your computer. Your workspace is an important part of your life, so why not make it as comfortable and attractive as possible? And what better way to enhance your computer environment than with a chain of cool color-cycling LED stars? They plug right into any open USB port – no batteries or AC adapter required. And at a price just south of five bucks, you can afford to buy several – to give away as gifts to friends, relatives, co-workers, bosses, and random strangers.

Find out all about this week’s DOTW here.

Deal of the Week | Mar. 15, 2013: USB Circus Cannon with Three Rockets, Circus Net for $7.99

USB Circus Cannon with three rockets and circus netReady. Aim. Fire!

Most of the time, our DOTWs are geared toward helping you get things done faster, or better, or cleaner. They’re productivity aids or device enhancements – aiming to help you and your computer be all you can be.

Not this week. This week, we’re bringing you a small, gaudily-colored circus cannon that plugs into your USB port. A circus cannon you can aim and fire using your keyboard, your mouse, or (if you have one) your joystick. It fires three foam-tipped rockets up to 10 feet, at velocities exceeding what you might reasonably expect. And it serves absolutely no useful purpose, other than having fun.

And that’s OK.

Find out all about it here.

Deal of the Week | Mar. 8, 2013: Large-Print Glow-in-the-Dark USB Keyboard for $9.99

Klear Keys XL Glow-in-the-Dark USB KeyboardLooking for a high-quality, spill-resistant, full-size 104-key USB keyboard that works with pretty much any recent model computer? How much would you pay? $20? $30? What if the keys were printed in high-contrast black-on-green, with incredibly easy-to-read oversize letters? $50? $60?

What if the dagnabbed thing glowed in the dark?

Well, this week, you can get such a keyboard, which normally retails for $49.99, for an almost criminally cheap $9.99. Find out all about this week’s DOTW here.

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