Local and Regional Webcams

Local and Regional Webcams

Over 70 webcams from the areas surrounding Connecting Point: southern, central, and coastal Oregon, along with northern and north coastal California

There’s something close to miraculous about webcams. Just being able to sit in front of your computer or make a few taps on your smartphone and check out live streaming footage from all around the world? Incredible. We’ve collected some of our area’s best feeds, expressly for your surfing enjoyment.

LOCAL AND REGIONAL WEBCAMS: Central Oregon webcams

Screen grab from one of EyeOnBend.com's webcams, January 26, 2015

Webcam view of downtown Bend, Oregon

LOCAL AND REGIONAL WEBCAMS: Southwest Oregon webcams

LOCAL AND REGIONAL WEBCAMS: Northern California and Oregon coast

Screen capture from one of the webcams at Coos Bay, Oregon

Webcam view of the Pacific Ocean from Coos Bay, Oregon


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Are Today’s Cameras Cybersecure? 10 Tips to Avoid Camera Hacking

Are Today’s Cameras Cybersecure? 10 Tips to Avoid Camera Hacking

Guest post by Vound Software and Ghergich & Co.

Computer webcams, home security systems, and baby and pet monitors allow us to stay connected 24/7. These camera-enabled devices allow us to video chat with family members and work contacts and keep tabs on the safety of our homes, pets, and children with ease. But all this connectivity opens us up to some serious vulnerabilities. Cyber hackers can gain access to some of our most intimate moments if we don’t take the proper precautions. Thankfully, there are ways to protect ourselves-beyond covering your computer webcam with masking tape. Check out the infographic below to better safeguard your devices.

Are Today’s Cameras Cybersecure? 10 Tips to Avoid Camera Hacking

cameras cybersecure security privacy webcams


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Local and Regional Webcams

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